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Heather Heinel

Heather Heinel is a Certified Dog Trainer and an AKC Approved Evaluator #90987. She received her certification from Animal Behavior College, where she studied canine learning theories and training techniques. She specializes in canine behavior management in an individual and group setting.

For two years prior to coming to Utah, Heather worked & volunteered for the San Diego Humane Society, gaining experience working with a large variety of dog breeds and behaviors. As an adoptions counselor, she worked with shelter dogs to improve their behaviors and increase their adoptability. Heather also counseled adopters on potential pet behaviors to ensure the best possible pet/owner match.

Heather is the owner and training program developer of Park City Dog Center in Kamas, Utah. Triple R Training is also the recommended canine training program for Park City Pet Resort in Park City, Utah. Thanks to her positive reinforcement techniques, she has the distinct privilege of being recommended by staff at the UC Davis Animal Behavior Department.

In addition to canine training, Heather also offers routine staff training programs and seminars in Canine Behavior & Body Language for a variety of veterinary offices, rescue organizations and boarding facilities throughout the state of Utah. 

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