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We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Private Training Sessions
    We specialize in Private Training Sessions, which can be held at any Park City or Summit County location of your choice. These sessions are extremely useful for identifying and resolving specific, problem behaviors in whatever location you experience them. These sessions can also be hike & train, bike & train or swim sessions with or without the owner present. Private sessions aid greatly in achieving a respectful relationship with your dog in the areas you spend the most time with them.
  • Private & Semi-Private Exercise Sessions
    Dogs who are provided enough mental & physical stimulation not only enjoy life more, but help their owners to enjoy life more too! We offer a full range of exercise options for existing training clients. These sessions can be private or semi-private hike & train, bike & train or swim sessions with or without the owner present, and as always, they are a great compliment to the training programs already being implemented.
  • Privileged Pup Package
    The Park City lifestyle is one filled with mountain adventures year round. This training program utilizes positive reinforcement and confidence building with the leash free technology of the electronic collar. Recommended for dogs over one year of age. As required by Summit County ordinances, we request that even when going leash free, owners should carry a standard 6' lead with them at all times.
  • Boarding School
    When your dog stays at Park City Dog Center or Park City Pet Resort, a boarding school program will include training plans unique to each dog and owner. We offer outdoor training which can include swim lessons, agility course training, bike & train or hike & train sessions. We also offer indoor sessions which can include obedience, Canine Good Citizen training and specific behavior modification. These are great options for dogs who require more concentrated focus on problem behaviors or dogs who will benefit from additional mental stimulation while in a boarding facility.
  • Summer Classes
    Located at the Park City Dog Center, summer class offerings may include: *Basic Obedience* or AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy - Open to adolescent dogs (puppies up to 1yr ) -Learn the fundamentals for positive reinforcement training -Gain accurate timing in rewarding and correcting behaviors. -Watch your dog begin to volunteer appropriate behaviors at home & on leash. -Includes time dedicated to problem solving to correct unwanted behaviors. =Results= dogs will be able to: sit, down, stay, wait, come, touch, and loose leash walk. *Agility* -Open to dogs and handlers who have experience with basic obedience commands. -Dogs receive both physical and mental stimulation. -Improve your off leash control of your dog and sharpen obedience skills -Confidence building for your dog =Results= dogs will familiarize with: jumps, pole weaving, A-Frame, tunnel running & teeter-totter AKC Canine Good Citizen - Open to dogs (over 1 year of age) and handlers who have experience with basic obedience commands - Encourage and strengthen your dog's appropriate manners in real life situations -Reduce the stress handlers feel when taking their dogs out into the community - Specific training goals can be found at =Results= dogs are able to put their best paw forward out in their community! *Classes also offered to reactive dogs that are current clients of Triple R Training* (typically offered June-August)
  • Intensive Home Training
    For dogs or puppies that require more focused attention and refinement of behaviors, we offer boarding and training programs within the trainer's home. This is ideal for consistent behavior management or the development of an appropriate in-home puppy. There is a limit of one dog per trainer and as such availability is extremely limited.
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